RoadShow on Apple TV and rBeacon

Embracing the change in the field of technology, an event conducted on 24th July 2014 at RapidValue Kochi office to showcase the latest technology innovations.

Apple TV

Entertainment always catches people’s attention. Apple TV being a new born gadget in the sphere of technology has started amazing people by showing wonders in its own way. The cool applications for Apple TV including ‘Fashion app’ build for one of our Fortune 500 customers, flared us with energy and enthusiasm doing the Road show.

We conducted the roadshow to educate Rapidites with the cool features in Apple TV. The gadget freaks were thrilled to watch the features of Apple TV on a 42 inch screen.Apple TV

We (Lakshmi and Bharath) demonstrated our “Fashion Airplay application” implemented for one of our largest customers in retail for online marketing. With this portable application we shared our thoughts on the scope and opportunities in different domains using Apple TV. We also demonstrated some of our other applications which doesn’t support Airplay (Apple TV feature) and provided some ideas to our developers and business development team about the impact of Airplay applications in  business and on customers.

This was an interactive session (with games) which made it more interesting. This also was like a feedback session which will help us to think through some changes in our application.

We also conveyed that a small entertainment-gadget such as Apple TV can be a powerful weapon for Marketing.  The audience was delighted by the virtual allure of Apple TV and its applications.

rBeacon Demo


We (Rohit and Dheeraj) demonstrated one of  our new applications which is based on new and innovative technology called iBeacon.

The demo application was configured with Gimbal iBeacon from Qualcomm. This was a group demo and we walked through the app (to multiple groups) by placing the Gimbal iBeacon device at different places within office.

The first group who came to see the demo where Rajesh P, Paul and the Sales team. We started by explaining on ‘what is iBeacon and its advantage, and where this technology is applicable’. After a brief introduction about its features, we continued with the tour to get the practical understanding and working of iBeacon. This tour ended with lots of positive responses, suggestions and possible areas where iBeacon’s can be used.

rBeacon Demo

The roadshow continued for other groups in same manner. The groups came to view the demo with different perspectives. The development team came in with the interest of how the technology works, followed by teams with the agenda to find out on how it will impact sales, while some others were interested to know how the entire process works. Overall we were able to cover almost all sides of the implementation and its usage.

We are expecting iBeacon technology to make high impact in the international market soon.

We shall continue to work on the feedback provided on our app by the audience and hope this roadshow has created a blaze in everyone’s mind to learn and to be part of an innovative mobile development team.


Lakshmi K P, Bharath L N and Rohit Murali Warrier


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