Journey Beyond the Ordinary!

“It is not so important to know everything as to know the exact value of everything, to appreciate what we learn and to arrange what we know.” – Hannah More

Entrepreneurship is a strong word and it defines a diverse world. You are able to find and witness many kinds of people, and it is, really, not very surprising to get to know a broad variety of personalities with similar and dissimilar characteristics and features. It is pretty interesting to find men, who in their thirties and a family to support, decide to leave their well-paid job to commence a ‘start up’. It draws much attention to the importance of experiment and showcasing knowledge while going for the innovations in the market.

About RapidValue

Started in 2008, today after 6 years, the entrepreneurs have managed to scale-up from 3 employees to over 300 employees, with operations spread across geographies. And every department, needed in an organization is well-formed and led by seasoned managers.

The Perfect Blend of Grit, Determination and Perseverance

It, obviously, is not that simple when people decide to embark on such a journey. The founders had decided to opt to unravel the path that seemed to be untrodden. Instead of getting into the usual computer software solutions, that most IT professionals prefer, they dared to try something new and innovative. They wanted to work on the latest technological revolution then, as smart phones (in 2007 by Apple, Inc.) had just been launched worldwide. Very few firms had ventured into creating a digital media publishing platform, even in the West.

How Technology meets Simplicity 

Rinish, the Tech Guru (CTO) of RapidValue, comes with many years of experience. He leads the technology initiatives in a beneficial manner and is always keen on keeping track of the next generation technologies. He is majorly responsible in driving the technical and architectural decisions, at RapidValue that are taken with regards to the software service portfolio. Rinish believes in a performance and result-oriented culture. According to him, anyone with new ideas has the freedom to showcase them, because he thinks that, as a rule, innovative and unique ideas will surely get noticed.

Behind his technological mind, Rinish is also a fun-loving person. He is passionate about cars, which is the reason behind his love for long drives. According to Rinish, travelling and long drives have a calming effect on him after a hectic work schedule.

And from his personal front, he is a family man and he likes to spend the weekends with his family and relatives. His children are his stress busters. He also enjoys listening to music and is an active participant whenever RapidValue takes part in any kind of sporting event (cricket, badminton).

Rinish - CTO at RapidValue

Being pretty much humble and down-to-earth, he is approachable and accessible anytime. Rinish strongly supports the fact that in order to yield good results and obtain a good working environment, it is essential to blend with the employees just the way you do with your friends and acquaintances. And that is the reason why RapidValue has a congenial work atmosphere. He possesses all the qualities of a true leader. Companionship is what is needed and not dictatorship – this is what he believes!

Freshers Drive at RapidValue

And the Success Story Continues

Startups are, literally, considered to be a journey into the unknown and the young, dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs need to be pretty much comfortable in dealing with ambiguity, various uncertainties, taking risks and facing multiple challenges.

The young techies are gifted with a well-defined vision which served as a compass during the phase of high and low tides. They envisioned how to monetize and got things done in a prompt manner to reach their goals and milestones. On the other hand, startup leaders need to be a kind of inspiration, for its employees and provide a reason to follow them through the uncertain journey, mostly, when the going gets tough. The techies emerge triumphant in their endeavor to be the perfect leaders.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  –Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Apple


Nairita Goswami

Marketing Communications, RapidValue Solutions


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