The Importance of Work-Life Balance, Especially for Women

Different organizations have different views about an employee-friendly work culture.  A successful organization does not happen by chance but it’s the employees which make it happen. For most organizations, an element to a winning work environment is the combination of a clear company vision, a work-life balance, competitive compensation packages and fun–filled activities.  Bringing in the right blend of these elements is critical for attracting the right talent and for achieving company’s mission.

In today’s fast-paced, demanding work environment, many employers especially IT organizations are realizing the need to build a work-life balance atmosphere for their staff.  To improve employee experience and retain the talented ones, more organizations are focusing on supporting flexible working hours and working from home option. While some are even incorporating different flexibility options into their HR policy.

In addition, technology has revolutionized the way we look at our jobs today. Evolution in mobile technology, availability of high speed internet connections, interactions with international customers at different time zones and increasing demand for high productivity is favoring the need for work from home culture for many organizations, especially for the women who need to juggle with children, home and office.

What Women Employees at RapidValue have to say?

RapidValue women employees

L-to-R–>>Pooja, Sophy, Raji

RapidValue is a global enterprise mobility solutions provider which has scaled-up from three employees to over two-hundred employees in five years, is strongly focused on providing good work-life balance for their workforce. Since the company’s operations are spread across the US, UAE, Finland and India with customers located worldwide, employees are expected to work at various time zones to interact with clients and team members. And it’s the company’s flexible and friendly work environment which has supported us to scale-up rapidly.

According to Sophy James, Technical lead “RapidValue offers employees the benefits such as flexi-time, short work weeks and working from home option with a view of ‘family-friendly’ culture as important for a productive and happy workforce. I couldn’t have climbed the professional ladder without the immense support from RapidValue that helps me to manage my family and grown my career together”.

Raji M.A., a project manager says “It’s a great experience working for RapidValue. RapidValue is innovative and fast evolving. It’s good to be amidst the smartest and the best, while working on the cutting edge technology. RapidValue offers freedom to grow and explore. The exposure working with global clients and latest technology is really good. Being a mother and software professional has never been easy. RapidValue being flexible, open and encouraging helps me maintain the right balance. I am a proud mother and a happy Rapidite. On the whole, I love being at RapidValue and I enjoy coming to office every day”.

As per Pooja Prasad, Technical Lead “RapidValue is a culmination of inspiring leaders and dedicated employees. With every assignment, we are provided with opportunities to improve ourselves. Even when faced with a multitude of challenges, I have returned home immensely satisfied with my work. With an excellent management that understands and gives you the flexibility to maintain work – life balance, there couldn’t be a better place to work. I can live my life even while loving my job”

RapidValue Women Employees

Group Picture of Women Rapidites

Factors to Consider Achieving a Work-Life Balance

To bring in employee-friendly culture in the organization, some of the factors for organizations to consider for accomplishing work-life balance are:

  • Focus more on results rather than work timings. Provide option of working from home couple of days a week
  • Avoid late working hours, instead encourage proper project planning for an on-time delivery. Provide flexibility in work timings.
  • Set-up an infrastructure for employees, for taking customer calls from home
  • Conduct training programs on how to balance work and personal life

Human Resources (HR) teams across various organizations are trying to bring in these factors to create a healthy work culture for their employees. This change is more evident in IT organizations.

Flexibility Nurtures Healthy Work Environment 

To build and nurture a healthy work culture – integrity, trust, respecting one another is important. However based on expert’s research on this topic, experts find flexible work environment is the most preferred choice in terms of a healthy workplace culture.

It’s important for organization to realize company’s productivity and customer satisfaction is co-related to employees’ happiness. An employee-friendly work atmosphere plays a key role in organization’s success.


Kavyanidhi Narayan

Sr. Manager – Marketing, RapidValue Solutions


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