The Concept of Shadow Cooking – Internet of Things

Who wouldn’t like it if whatever they are cooking would be understood and not told. How convenient it would be when the dish that you are cooking for your family is being cooked simultaneously for your mother who is residing in some other city or country, for your grandfather who is old and can barely look up recipes on the Internet. Seems like a rather outlandish idea? You’re in for a surprise.

Cooking on the go

Did you ever think about a cooktop that can be controlled remotely through our smartphone? The wait is over. Now you don’t need to be in front of your gas stove always, you just need to tell your shadow cooktop about your recipe through the Mobile App and it will do like your shadow does. You can either control the flame level as per your wish or fetch the flame level value from your favorite recipe saved in the app and cook accordingly.
Further, it is disappointing when you have to miss that interesting scene of your favorite daily soap because you have to adjust the flame for the dish you are preparing on the stove. This is no longer an issue since the flame will be regulated without you having to go to the kitchen, time and again. The Shadow Cooking can replicate the flame level on your stovetop so you don’t have to be in front of the cooktop to tell how meatballs are made and what flame levels they require. You would no longer have to manually control the flame levels and risk messing up a recipe. This way if you have missed adding an ingredient to your food for instance, the App could remind you, to ensure nothing is missed.

Ever since the world has become savvier and started using technology in almost every fields of life, the need to try out new things and doing them in simpler manner excites every individual. New technologies like the Internet of Things help us connect all our devices together and have a unified control over them. This has been very helpful in enhancing the quality of our lives and in making everyday tasks easier with communication enabled between the devices of different users, as in the case of Shadow Cooking.
Anything is much more interesting when you do it along with someone else. Now you can watch the same cooking show at the same time with the other connected user. You have to do is connect with your family or friends through the App, tell them how to cook and learn how to cook or get the exact dish cooked for you in similar manner.

The Product
Most of us are not interested to ignore our existing cooktop for accepting a new technology like shadow cooking. So, we have implemented knob, which can be connected to any LPG cooktop by replacing its existing knob and able to connect with our smartphone using an App developed to control the knob. We know that a knob can only control the flame level, but you must accept a fact that a knob does all control in a cooktop.

We developed an Android App to connect with the knob and control the stove.

The key features and benefits are:

  • Cooking AppControl with your fingertips
    You can control the flame of cooktop remotely. Lesser physical effort means easier cooking for elderly and differently abled. Now you can turn off the flame without leaving the comfort of your couch. This feature lets you control the flame pattern through the mobile app. No more missing out on the climax of your favorite TV shows. It will reduce the amount of time you spend in front of your cooktop.
  • Learning stovetop
    Worried about your office presentation? Your food will not be overcooked. It learns from your cooking habits, understands your health constraints and helps you improve in the ways you want to improve. The app will inform you when the food is done or if some change needs to be made. Additionally, the knob can automate precise recipes that are cooked on cooktop based on data received from the app.
  • Recipe finder
    All the recipes of the world are a click-away from you. It is a must-have for the health conscious eaters who crave variety in their diet. We provide some popular recipes in the app by default, which you can cook if you wish. It can save our cooking pattern of recipes that are cooked on cooktop and will be able to use when we needed. We can write our own customized cooking pattern of recipes for precise values. Favorite recipes can be shared among family and friends.
  • Leakage detection
    Gas leakage can be identified and will be notified to the user. Whenever there is LPG concentration of 1000 ppm (parts per million) in the area, it will alarm to operators in the area, where there is gas leakage, giving a heads up to manage the situation. It will automatically turn off the burner and pop up a notification on user’s phone.
  • Eat healthy
    We track the health index of each member of your family and give you personalized suggestions. It can help you reduce your energy bills, lose weight, gain muscles, eat tasty food even when you have diabetes, or any other health issues.

How we did it?

IoT DeviceThe Internet of Things (IoT) takes the essence of the generic meaning of things to denote its vast scope. Today, about a billion of things are a part of IoT. A thing in IoT can be defined as a physical object that has been electronically enhanced for better performance. The electronic enhancement comes in the form of adding sensors and actuators. Basically, the devices have to connect to each other to be able to work effectively. The connectivity part is essential in the device, manifesting itself in a bigger way to provide a better experience to the users. This is done using elements like RFID chips, Wi-Fi, Motor, etc. Here we are creating an IoT based knob, which can be connected to the smartphone using the Wi-Fi connectivity. It uses CC3200 LaunchPad Board inside the knob for connectivity and motor control. CC3200 is a single-chip Microcontroller (MCU) by Texas Instruments mainly created for the Internet of Things (IoT) that integrates a high-performance ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU with on-chip Wi-Fi, internet, robust security protocols, programmable user buttons, RGB LED for custom applications and onboard emulation for debugging. From this figure, you can see various components of the knob.


IoT integration into the devices will not be a huge load on power consumption because most of the sensors and actuators added are low power electronics. The transfer of data is relatively simple since only very small kilobytes of data needs to be transmit as all that are conveyed are the device status or simple instructions in most cases. The ultimate goal is to provide a better experience for the users by making a seamless integration of physical objects into a human life.

The world is now ready for a revolutionary concept such as Shadow Cooking. Give it a try and see for yourself!

We built this solution at Techathon, hosted by RapidValue for the Kochi Technology Community. 

RapidValue Techathon team

Team: Shafik K S, Sreeraj, Thahir Majeed, Vijeesh T V, Vimal Gopal

Shafik, KS
Software Engineer – Intern, RapidValue Solutions

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