Speak Out – The Rumors are True

“A new initiative started in Kochi office. A language club formed by enthusiasts in our office to interact and have a good time“.  – Arun Krishna, Sr. Project Manager

Speakout Session

Vinay talking about his ‘home town’

“With Cyril being the man to start the session, he began with the ‘Word of the Day’ with some examples.  The session was followed by enthusiastic rapidites making the ‘Word of the Day’ a big success by using the word in an entertaining story kind of a game.Vinay bagged the award for bringing in the most interesting twist in the Story making game. Next were Preethi and Hari making it a fun loving Speak out session. They selected speakers for the game and gave them random topics. Akhil MS took the plunge by talking about his favourite travel destination and Najeeb explained what he does when it rains. Anugeeth shared  his best days in college, Neena got  a chance to speak on her close friendship with someone special, Sujith expressed his love for music and Vinay talked about his hometown. Well after all sharing these amazing experiences  of their life,  it was tough to select the winner, but we left it to the participants to select and they selected Najeeb as the unanimous choice for the best speaker. Everyone had a great time. Hope many more Rapidites participate in the upcoming speak out sessions. ”

– Sudeep Unnikrishnan, Software Engineer

Speakout session-2

Najeeb Thalakkatt talking about ‘what he does when it rains’


Speakout session -3

Deepak Unnikrishnan speaking about his ‘first company’ experience

“In our 1st session, with Vishnu Pradeep introducing, Preethi bringing a ‘Word of the Day’, the session began with a sparkling start. We were racing to outsmart others by using the word of the day in a thrilling word game, well guided by Preethi again.

Next was Cyril who tricked everyone with a fun event, a small speaking game with topic on hobbies. He selected some of us to come forward and speak on our hobbies. Sulabh took the plunge by talking about football as his hobby, and Jacob kept the interest high with his narration too. Anugeeth, Bittu, Shruthi, Vinay, Prashob and Pooja spoke next with snippets of those wonderful hobbies they are passionate about. Now we know some good and budding cooks in our midst, some video game and football fanatics and a world traveler. As voted by the team, Prashob clinched the ‘Best Speaker’ chocolate. 

All in all, the enthusiasts had tons of fun, left the room with fond memories and promised to meet again!” 

– Nirmal Kumar KS, Sr. Software Engineer



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