Socialize and Edge Walk with Vishnu Pradeep

Knowing Vishnu

Vishnu is a Programmer Analyst at RapidValue, currently, living in San Diego, United States. Vishnu did his schooling and graduation from Chennai, India. After couple of not so exciting jobs in Chennai, his sister mentioned about RapidValue. After, interacting with the HR, he was positive to get into RapidValue. Vishnu decided to tread along the new path and landed in Kochi, RapidValue’s India development center. The rest is history.

MiramarLake - Vishnu Pradeep

Working for a Richer Experience

Vishnu joined RapidValue in 2010 and started his career as a Software Engineer. Over a period of 5 years, he has gained great experience and acquired new skills, while working on new technologies. This experience is helping him, with respect to both, his professional career and personally. Currently, Vishnu is working at the client location, at San Diego. His role, has given him the opportunity to travel to almost parts of the US and Canada.


Vishnu is a travel freak, which is setting well, with his professional life, as it requires a lot of traveling. He is adventurous and loves to collect antique things.  He enjoys tasting good food from different cuisines, and is a ‘Foodie’.

CN Tower Canada - Vishnu Pradeep

His choice of music varies from country to rap, pop to dub step. And, he is fond of movies, memes and GIFs. A car enthusiast and is passionate about muscle cars. Socializing and spending time with like-minded people is another hobby of Vishnu. He believes the more you interact, the more you get to explore life.

San Diego AutoShow - Vishnu Pradeep

The Learning Process at RapidValue

Over a period of 5 years, there are a many things that Vishnu feels he has learnt, while working at RapidValue.  The best skill that he has acquired at RapidValue, apart from the technological skills, is knowing how to convert a difficult situation into a positive outcome. RapidValue has got to him to be courageous and helped him to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

His communication skills have improved and he can confidently work with clients, now. According to Vishnu, teamwork at RapidValue is commendable and it has enhanced his problem-solving skills. It has helped him to deliver quality work and the team is always updated on the latest technologies that are introduced every day, which allows them to be in par with competition.

“I would say, Recognition and Professionalism – these are my key achievements at RapidValue. There is uniqueness in the work environment and I appreciate the culture too.  And, to sum up my experience at RapidValue in 3 words… Recognition. Camaraderie. Inspiration” – Vishnu Pradeep


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