Seminar on Material Design by Front-end Developer

Seminar on Material Design by Sugisha

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“Educating people on something that is gaining prominence and popularity, is really a commendable. Sugisha did a great job in educating us on the currently trending ‘Material Design‘. It was really useful since we were, actually, working on the projects that followed the material style of user interface. The improvement she showed each day was unbelievable. On the final day, she summarized all the points that she discussed earlier.  We, now, know that Material Design is essential and has great importance. I’d like to thank her for sharing the knowledge which has great significance.”  – Mathukutty Xavier

“The seminar was unique, engaging, refreshing, and, definitely, worth attending for me. I was impressed by her knowledge and skills. Her sessions will, undoubtedly, reap benefits for our professional career. Throughout the seminar, she was very confident and interacted with the audience by answering their queries and doubts. Thanks again Sugisha and I’m looking forward to more interesting sessions in the near future.” – Anugeeth

“Sugisha had selected and presented a really relevant and important topic, Material Design. We all knew very little about it and were really eager to learn. Sugisha helped us to grasp sufficient knowledge regarding the topic.  She did a fantastic job of presenting everything related to Material Design.  It was like learning math, all over again, and that too, with the help of a really good teacher.” – Hari Krishnan

“Sugisha’s seminar topic selection (Material Design) was a good one and it is very relevant to the latest design trend. She explained it very well, with the help of nicely designed presentation slides. Sugisha’s confidence level was pretty high and she delivered really well. Each piece of information turned out to be helpful for   the designers.” – Anup M

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“This seminar has helped me to understand the theories and guidelines of material design in a much more effective manner. Sugisha is able to provide additional information and adequate explanation with regard to Material Design.  Certain terms, which we were unaware of, sounds much familiar now.  We can apply the knowledge which is gained from this seminar. Excellent seminar. wonderful slides, well explained. Thank you, Sugisha!” – Sujith Kumar

“Material design references and documents are found very rare in the Internet.  Sugisha’s spectacular performance last month helped us to gain sufficient knowledge regarding Material Design. It was informative and an advanced session.” – Rony Anand

“Sugisha’s chosen topic deserves an applause and appreciation. Material Design is the most trending and popular in the design industry. All the designers need to be good at it and gain the relevant expertise. Her slides had meticulous details regarding everything that a designer needs to know, while starting a new Material Design project. I am sure that everyone in our team, now, possesses abundant knowledge about Material Design and we have also learned a lot of terminologies which are relevant to it.” – Prasil Lakshmanan

“We had an awesome seminar on Material design, conducted by Sugisha. It will help us while designing screens for the mobile applications, as well as for website designing.  Each and every component, explained by Sugisha, gave us a clear understanding of the design. The seminar provided useful insights which will help us in developing Material Design applications. It was an interactive session, as all of us were keen to know the latest trend and share the thoughts with each other.” – Joseph Kuriakose

“Sugisha had done a proper research on the topic – Material Design and presented it in a simple way, so that we could understand it easily. The entire seminar witnessed full participation, proper interactions and serious discussions. During her sessions, she shared knowledge about the new UI components, animations and compared it with Holo design. It was informative and the whole team got motivated to do Android designs with Material Design.” – Alen Sunny Stephen

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