Seminar on Bootstrap Framework

Session by Anugeeth T S (UX/UI Designer) on Bootstrap Framework

Anugeeth at RapidValue

 What the team mates have to say?  

“Anugeeth took a seminar spanning two months on ‘Bootstrap Framework’. I truly appreciate his earnest attempt to conduct this amazing seminar inspite of tight work schedule. He presented some real-time scenarios which grabbed team’s complete attention. I am looking forward to sessions on the advanced version soon.”  – Melvin Thambi, UX/UI Lead Architect

Bootstrap seminar by Anugeeth

“I was totally new to bootstrap, after Anugeeth’s presentation I got a clear idea about how to create a website using bootstrap as a front-end framework and the right means to customize it.” – Alen Sunny Stephen, UX/UI Designer

“Anugeeth did a spectacular job teaching us Bootstrap, a subject we’d all heard of, but only few had actually dove into. By the end of his two month long seminar, we are all familiar with bootstrap and its basic workings. Although we lack the practical knowledge for now, I am confident that after completing the project he has assigned to us we’ll all be masters of the subject. – Hari Krishnan, UX/UI Designer

“Overall, it was an awesome experience. I liked the flow of the presentation, the concepts covered in-depth and his confidence while presenting. Anugeeth has a positive attitude and is open to feedback after the session” Rony Anand, UX/UI Designer

“Anugeeth started off with the basics. He always has a descriptive and well prepared presentations with HTML examples. He is actively involved with the team, by interacting while presenting. He always insists to come up with questions or doubts. Anugeeth has never left any doubt whatsoever unanswered. He demonstrated live customization which made it easy for us to understand. He has worked in LESS style-sheet language to compile CSS, a new & relevant technology.  I liked the fact that he took our daily feedback to improve on the next sessions.  Prasil Lakshmanan, UX/UI Designer

Seminar on Bootstrap

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