Seminar on Android XML by Alen Sunny Stephen

Alen presenting on Android XML

Design team

Feedback from the team

“Great seminar, awesome presentation, incredible skill as a teacher and a guide. I couldn’t have imagined a better person to teach me an unknown language, and the ease with which he presented was mind blowing.” – Hari Krishnan

“Alen’s Seminar on Android XML gives me the ability to create XML for Android and provides awareness on Android life cycle, front-end development and its possibilities and limitations. It also helps me to follow the standard guidelines while designing for Android, and I got a clear voice to debate with developers in an implementation of a specific design.” – Sujith Kumar KS

“Good points about Alen’s seminar were knowledge of the material, excellent communication, good presentation, interaction with audience, structure of the presentation and best way of task assigning”. – Anup M


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