Sass Workshop by Front-End Developer

Seminar on Sass by Rahul KP

Rahul KP on SaSS


Conducted on 8th July 2014 at RapidValue office

Seminar on SaSS

Find out what the Design (Gems) team have to say about the seminar

“Rahul managed an excellent seminar inspite of his tight work schedule. He explained the complete life cycle of a sass project and shared his thoughts on some valuable topics like modularisation of css using sass. This presentation was quite interesting and catchy. To achieve, Rahul had worked late hours, I really appreciate his hard work.”- Sujith Kumar

“Rahul was very confident in the topic that he explained. When compared to the initial sessions, he was more confident this time with better team interaction. He prepared the material in a structured way, which helped to understand the topic easily.” – Anup M

“Rahul’s seminar on ‘SASS – css pre processor framework’ was good. He explained the topic from the very basic level, including the installation of SASS and Compass, and setting up a basic project using the frame work. He clarified the doubts with the help of live examples. The features like extend method, breakpoint for responsive website design etc. were new to me and they are useful for HTML developers. I like his presentation slides and the catchy titles given for initial slides (SASS is Super Power). All of us provided feedback at the end of each session which he has taken in good spirit to improve.” – Anugeeth T S

“It was a great seminar. It helped me very much in my last HTML project(TodayTix). I have used the key features of SASS in that project, with the knowledge which I got from the live examples and advice from Rahul’s seminar. I appreciate his effort to prepare flowcharts for explaining the installation process of SASS and Compass components. It is difficult to present a technical (coding) session for designers, but he did it very well. He tried to simplify the code and contents, so that it was easy to understand.” – Nithin Joseph

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