RapidValue Project Team Movie & Dinner

Projects have become extended families for most of us. It is with the project team we realize our strengths, share and enjoy our best times.

The team dodges Kochi autos, buses to reach Lulu Mall. Marched into PVR with minutes to spare. Movie kept us entertained sans any comments from the team.

Now we had to eat. Ordered up a long list. From then it was like waiting for API response on a slow connection; We knew it would come in and all…we could do was wait…..

RapidValue team dinner

How a lone pizza box remained unopened till other things came on to the table is a big mystery.

team pic

Dinner done.. What next??

Project team

Mission Accomplished

Full Project team

What a team outing without the customary ‘Group Selfie’


Prashob Sivadasan,
Project Manager

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