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Highlights and Update from RapidValue Participants 

The overall experience attending the conference was amazing and the presenters emphasized the presence of Javascript as a first level programming language. I always wondered what’s next in HTML5 and Javascript, after the #html5defcon I’ve seen what’s next and what’s the future. We met lot of interesting people who shared their experience about whats happening around the IT world. One interesting thing that happened was when we described about our company and what we do, some people were amazed hearing about enterprise mobility and our product eQuipMe. Over all very informative and well organized conference. – Vishnu Pradeep

HTML5 Developer Conference 2014 at XIME Campus

Rapidites at the Event

When I look back to the conference and try to find a central theme, I always came up with the following ‘Treat JavaScript as a first class citizen’. Yes, I was on the verge of a migration from Java to JavaScript and it did further convince me. Or I would say a migration from static to dynamic typing either it is JavaScript,groovy or scala. I often misunderstood or doubt the composing capability and expressiveness, that these languages can offer. Then I was able to see a completely different perception, that it needs more attention and discipline.We are generally using it or rather abusing it and that is enough to bring a maintenance or performance nightmare.

The second point is always about shifting of responsibility. Dynamic programming languages shifted the responsibility from variable to value. Nowadays it dominates the web and mobile in the form of JavaScript. To confirm this further, they bring JavaScript on robotics.It definitely crowns JavaScript in the world of unlimited possibilities. Finally it would leave a same imprint as Jeff Attwoods once stated “any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript – Bibin Sunny

L-to-R–>> Sujith Kumar KS, Hari Krishnan, Vishnu Pradeep, Bibin Sunny

Listening to one of the sessions

I always assumed HTML5 & CSS3 were going to revolutionize the web industry. This, I thought would be the key point, html5defcon would be trying to emphasize, but I was pleasantly mistaken. The extent of these technologies was much more than what I could fathom. From the first session on the first day, everything I thought I knew about the web started to change; the proposals for the brand new CSS4, the usage of JS as a first class programming language, using HTML5 & CSS3 to build the entire UI of a Mobile OS (Firefox). I thought I had seen it all, and then a mozillian came out and started to control a robot with JavaScript. Now when I look back, I feel that the tag line for #html5defcon; ‘I have seen the future, it’s in my browser’ could not have been any more fitting.” – Hari Krishnan


Audience in one of the sessions

Html5defcon, was not one of those conferences that you thought would be like every other web development conference. During the two days I spent there, I learned that HTML5 & CSS3 and its fourth dimension were going to change the face of computing, both mobile and desktop. One of the most interesting sessions was on how JS is a first class programming language. There was also a presentation on Modern front-end workflow, using Yeoman, Grunt & Bower. When you look at the fact that Mozilla has developed their OS’s whole UI using HTML5, CSS3 and JS, you realize that the world of the web is going to change. That change is happening right now, and the end result would be a world wide web that is truly open, in every sense of the word. – Sujith Kumar KS

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