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A New Initiative by RapidValue Testing team. Session on Perfecto Mobile by Akhil John

Baburaj at RapidValue

“RapidValue Testers were busy with their own projects. The way testing is performed, the process followed, the devices/tools used, the types of testing done, everything is not same for all the projects. We thank Baburaj and Vidya for taking this wonderful initiative, which helps in creating a platform, where everybody can share their knowledge and skills with each other. Automation was a pertinent topic to start with. Akhil John gave us an overview of the Automation tool ‘Perfecto Mobile‘, which is one of the trending Automation software. A small demo of the tool, which followed after the session, gave us a better understanding of it. We expect many sessions like this in future, which would help us to gain relevant knowledge and also, guide us through the specific path for obtaining high level expertise in Testing Orbit.” – Lakshmi K P

“Quality Hub has been a great forum for learning new testing methods that industries are trying to figure out. It was a wonderful idea for motivating people and to see the enthusiasm in them. The seminar was well presented and easy to understand. Things were defined and explained in a clear and concise manner so that we could grasp the matter perfectly. Being a beginner with Perfecto mobile, I found the training to be quite beneficial. Thanks to Akhil John for providing a valuable insight into the tool and answering many queries about the same. Overall, an excellent seminar!” – Arun K A

RapidValue at Quality Hub

“A very good start for the quality hub with the most demanding tool in the mobile app quality. Akhil started the session by giving a brief introduction about mobile cloud. In the next 30 minute of the session he showed confidence while, delivering his speech and explained to us the need for the perfecto tool. The session was short and precise, with points specifying how to overcome current limitation in mobile testing, such as testing by varying network signal strength and how to generate the automation scripts without coding etc. Thanks Akhil for sharing the knowledge” – Salu K S

“Kudos to Akhil for coming up with such an interesting session on ‘The Perfecto Mobile Automation’ tool. The possibility of being able to carry out testing process, using any number of desired devices in real-time, with required networking condition, is absolutely fascinating. Looking forward to using it someday.”- Taniya John

Perfecto Mobile session at RapidValue

“A great and commendable way to acquire knowledge. Baburaj started with an introduction to “Quality Hub”, which was followed by a nice presentation on ‘Perfecto Mobile’ from Akhil. The presentation highlighted the functionality of Perfecto Mobile and its wide-range of capabilities for software testing. Kudos to Vidya for organizing the much awaited knowledge sharing session.”- Deepak Abraham




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