One Day Trip – Ramada, Kochi

Long nights, weekends and endless coding… It was time to wind down and so we headed to Ramada resort. The fun started right inside the bus! Let me tell you one thing-we, rapidites, can dance! Ramada welcomed us with their beautiful cottages, well-maintained lawns and their huge swimming pool, which is the biggest in India. The rest of the day was spent inside the pool and it took great force and the promise of a lunch buffet to get everyone out. We had worked out a good appetite by then and shamelessly attacked the buffet table. After lunch many of us seemed to be in a coma induced by over-eating. Many retired to the room reserved for us and had a long nap.

The rest just chilled near the water or played snooker. Coffee, tea and snacks were served in the room. Soon we dragged our tired, but happy, bodies back to the bus and said good-bye to Ramada.

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