One Day Trip – Cherai Beach, Kochi

The restlessness was palpable-we HAD to get out of our air conditioned offices and be in the open. Plans were made, arrangements were done and we braved the summer heat to hit Cherai beach. After gulping down the welcome-drinks served at the beautiful beach-front resort, it was time to jump in the water. Teams were picked; everyone put on their game faces and then began a very serious but fun game of ‘water volleyball’. A great day is not complete without great food and we were not disappointed with the buffet spread arranged by the resort. We then rested for a while. Syam, who couldn’t resist seeing a microphone sitting idle, started singing and soon others joined.

Thankfully we were distracted by tea and snacks! After some photo sessions we headed back watching the sun slowly set. This trip was a much needed relief from the world of monitors and project deadlines.


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