Onam 2011

What happened when AARCHA AND CHEKAVAR along with AANAKKALLAN went to meet MAVELI at MULLAPPANTHAL? If anything it would be pretty interesting, right? That is the kind of Onam we had this year. Interesting, amusing, memorable and full of fun!

The first order of business was making the pookkalam. Like last year we had a great design that was executed brilliantly by our group of enthusiastic rapidites. We received appreciation from other offices for it. After the obligatory photo sessions around the pookkalam it was time to rock the building! We had our own Maveli Thampuran (Ramesh) and a set of pulis (Vishnu P and Martin). Under the leadership of Harish, rapidites wielded drums and cymbals and made the rounds of every floor of the building bringing everyone the holiday cheer. It was a pleasant surprise to everyone to see Maveli visiting them with much fanfare. Soon it was time for lunch. We were privileged to have Maveli join us during the sadya.

After lunch, all of us with our ‘mahabellies’ proceeded to the ‘battle field’, where four teams would lock horns in different competitions – naadan pattu, sudha malayala prasangam, lemon race, three-leg race and tug of war. Aanakkallan topped the naadan pattu competition. Prajeesh showed his mastery of Malayalam language by talking about ‘sambathika maandyam’. Sherin came first in the lemon race women’s category and Lijo took the prize for lemon race men’s category. Anand and Sagar were the best coordinated couple and they won the three-leg race in a jiffy. When it came to tug of war there was no doubt who would win it. We just had to take a look at the members of ‘Aarcha and Chekavar’ team.  When the final points were tallied ‘Mullappanthal’ emerged the winner.

End of the day we were a bunch of tired but happy souls.

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