Onam 2010 at RapidValue Infopark

Onam befitting a king- that is how we rapidites celebrated Onam! The highlight of the day was the grand ‘pookkalam’(flower carpet), designed by Jayahari and brought to life by Surya, Sudeep and team. We can proudly say that it was one of the best pookkalams in Infopark. After the obligatory photo sessions it was time for the Onam ‘sadya’ (feast). After lunch came the fun! One by one, rapidites started to show their true colours! KK1 was the winner of the game ‘sundarikkoru pottu kuthal’, made easy by the fact that he drew the ‘sundari’ (the beauty)! Then, there was the contest where one had to speak in pure Malayalam.

Many Malayalam words were rediscovered in the process and Rajesh P was named the winner. Who knew he could speak Malayalam, yet alone ‘suddha’ Malayalam! Rinish led us in the Malayalam folk song round. Lijo surprised us with his cool dance moves, Sudheesh sang beautifully about his lost love. Any rapidites’ get-together is not complete without KK1 imitating us. It was hilarious to watch him copy our mannerisms. Every good thing should come to an end and so finally it was time for us to head home. I am sure Mahabali was one happy King seeing us celebrate his day with such joy and fervor.

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