My Experience as a Front-End Developer at RapidValue


I joined RapidValue as UI/UX Designer few months ago. I got to know about RapidValue from my friend Rino. I had heard about this company that it is exclusively for Mobile Apps. I was looking for an opportunity to join RapidValue, because my previous job I was working on front-end coding for native mobile applications in Java and XML. I’m glad that I made this decision to join RapidValue and I am very happy to be a part of RapidValue family. I am learning many new things, especially since I got a chance to work in many projects as Android front – end developer. In Web technology there is always a front-end developer, but in native mobile apps the front end requires UI developers to get the right user experience. Many times, organizations due to the short time span of the project may not give that much importance to the UI. However, things are different in RapidValue. UI plays a critical role in mobile app development. I believe I fulfilled the gap between mobile developers and UI Designers. By building the front-end by UI developers provides mobile app developers to focus more on functionality. This increases the productivity and quality of application/product as well as UI issues raised by QA team is reduced.

Now, I am in a position where I have started training native Android UI development to my colleagues. And we are building a team that is exclusively for mobile native front-end development.

RapidValue has given me the opportunity to work on many large client projects based in the US. My task involved developing:

  • Custom UI components
  • Custom keyboard
  • Different UI to fit in Tab and Mobile without affecting the code
  • Charts and custom statistics components
  • Re-designed UI to include animations
  • Implemented features such as WhatsApp like Chat, Video call, Voice call
  • Developed new UX patterns in Android

In all these projects I was expected and I managed to give maximum pixel perfection to the design and applied the best practices that android recommends for UI development.

In just few months’ time, I got to contribute in many projects; I am looking forward to an exciting journey here.

Do take a look at the Techie blog I have written a blog on Best Practices on Android User Interface.

Alen Sunny Stephen


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