Meet the Vector Super Hero – Seminar on Adobe Illustrator

Seminar by Jibin Joseph on Adobe Illustrator

Design Seminar at RapidValue by Jibin Joseph

Attended by the Design team at RapidValue

Workshop by the design team at RapidValue

The Overall Feedback

(From the UX Designers and Front-end Developers)

“After attending the seminar, what I experienced is the simplicity of the mesh and what I gained is the vast knowledge about the gradient tools in Illustrator. It was an awesome experience to attend the cartoon and character drawing session. I liked the presentation slides very much and I appreciate Jibin’s efforts for taking initiatives.” – Nithin Joseph

“The topic selection was very good. He selected the contents, which are helpful for the designers and artists. The seminar room portrayed a friendly atmosphere during the session.” – Anup M

“The seminar conducted by Jibin Joseph was really beneficial and informative, as we deal with the software (Adobe Illustrator) on a daily basis. The shortcuts, tools, methods, tips and tricks were useful in improving the productivity at work. The way he conducted the seminar was impressive. He narrated many real life incidents and cited relevant examples to make his audience understand him well.” – Joseph Kuriakose

“Jibin’s seminar turned out to be an enlightening experience – delving deeper into the world of Adobe Illustrator. It was executed with the same enthusiasm that he naturally possesses. Overall, he did a great job with the live demos, and the last couple of sessions happened to be pretty interactive.” – Hari Krishnan

“Jibin’s seminar was well conducted. I never expected it to be this much interactive. Every day, he came up with some brilliant ideas and created illustrations in-front of an enthusiastic audience. His knowledge about Adobe Illustrator is vivid and the methods Jibin used seemed to be quite interesting. Keep up the great work! Thanks for making it easy to understand, thus, providing greater insight into the world of illustration.” – Alen Sunny Stephen

“Jibin’s seminars were highly informative and engaging. His vast knowledge about Adobe Illustrator helped us in learning a lot about this software, which has, now, helped the designers in strengthening their skills at work. Jibin’s seminars were more than just slide presentations. He provided live demos for us. He definitely made us believe that he is an expert when it comes to working with Adobe Illustrator. For a better understanding and categorizing, he divided Illustrator designs into three types: minimal, realistic and UIs. He showed us different techniques to speed up the work in Illustrator.” – Prasil Lakshmanan

“I would like to describe the seminar takeaways in two parts, the first day and the last day. The first day of the seminar, I knew him very well and so I was pretty sure about how he would perform on the first day. As expected, the confidence level was low, he was not completing his sentences, and moreover, he was quite afraid of facing the audience. But he was confident about the subject that he was about to speak on. With this confidence, he started conducting the Illustrator lessons. On the last day, I sat there and noticed a change. A change, which really made me happy. Literally speaking, we witnessed a new Jibin Joseph that day. He was, confidently, standing there and giving speeches. We saw a different Jibin that day. He was ready to overcome the shyness and his reluctance to speak in front of a large audience. The content, which he provided to us throughout his sessions, made us ‘close to the vector world’, like his seminar title says. We are all thankful to him for that. Jibin is the best example to validate the fact that Gems’ seminar sessions are really interesting, effective and beneficial. Jibin has proved to be a value addition at RapidValue.” – Mathukutty Xavier

“The overall seminar session was really good. All of us were engrossed in Jibin’s speeches. Being a beginner in Illustrator, the practical sessions helped me to a great extent. He described each and every tool and its shortcuts. In the first few sessions, Jibin lacked confidence. But he showed immense improvement in the later sessions. He provided greater insights into Illustrator, which is really a great help.” – Sugisha Sukumaran


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