Meet Sushil, Technical Consultant – Oracle Solutions at RapidValue

“The learning curve has grown significantly in the past three years that I’ve been here. It’s exciting to contribute and I feel like an integral part of the company’s growth story.” – Sushil Jain

Oracle Solutions expert

Sushil Kumar Jain, a technical consultant for Oracle solutions at RapidValue has been here for over 3 years. Sushil finds his job a learning experience specially to build technical skills and client management.

Sushil participates in activities conducted by Sambhrama team (cultural fest in RapidValue Bengaluru office). Being an enthusiastic and energetic person, he loves to socialize. Sushil loves music, watching movies and playing different kinds of sport.

Life at RapidValue

“Working at RapidValue has been a great pleasure for me. The first and foremost thing that I appreciate about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to have a perfect work-life balance. I manage to contribute to the company and still have time for my family, friends and extra-curricular activities. I work in a pleasant multi-cultural environment with supportive colleagues.

It’s open and transparent culture is one of its strengths. The management is approachable and receptive to new ideas. You get a chance to grow by putting your own efforts and can also, dream big. It is a privilege to work with a group of talented and motivated individuals who are ready to lend advice, impart knowledge and help deliver and perform best.” says Sushil.Rapidites


Sushil has received ‘Technical Excellence’ award for two consecutive years (2014-2015 and 2015- 2016). He has also, received the ‘Best Team Player’ award for the year 2014- 2015.
Winner of technical excellence

The Learning Phase – A Place to Grow
Sushil feels that the work environment is extremely stimulating and there is lot of opportunities in RapidValue to grow. This makes it an exciting place for ambitious people. The management team mentors and motivates you and ensures that your full potential is realized. He believes that now, he is fully empowered to make key decisions and the responsibilities that have been entrusted to him.


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