Meet Sagar Kadookkunnan, the Sports Enthusiast and Gadget Freak

Thank You for Everything, RapidValue, says Sagar 

Sagar Kadookkunnan hails from Pala, Kottayam, Kerala and has been associated with RapidValue since 5 years. After graduating from College of Engineering, Poonjar (CUSAT), Sagar joined RapidValue, as a fresher, in May, 2010. Sagar commenced his career as an iOS developer with RapidValue and soon moved to Los Angeles, USA in 2012 for an onsite assignment.

Sagar from RapidValue

The Learning Phase

Sagar works as a Programmer Analyst at RapidValue. He is, also, entrusted with the task of Mobility Consulting, based out of the customer location. The responsibilities and duties, at RapidValue, have taught him to grow during the learning phase. His role expects him  to  support the BI Analytics and concentrate on field data gathering solutions for Oil and Energy companies. Sagar is able to manage and handle multiple projects, efficiently. He works, closely, with different teams at RapidValue, in India and the US. His strength lies in co-ordination, which is evident in his work. The task is accomplished as per the stipulated date. Sagar, also, takes an active part in the US recruitment process and is somewhat, responsible for bringing in new talents to the company. Working passionately for Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Sagar makes it a point to make everything configurable from the design and development phase, only. He ensures that the work is flawless when it reaches the delivery phase.

Sagar and team

Likes and Interests

Sagar is a true sportsman and a gadget freak. He is pretty much into all the racquet games but loves to play Badminton, the most. Sagar, also, enjoys music, cooking and photography. He loves to gorge on Asian/Indian cuisine and loves spicy food.  Being a hard core foodie, Sagar loves trying out new cuisines, whenever he gets the scope. As an Amateur photographer, and still learning, he tries his hands on capturing moments and beautiful landscapes. Sagar calls himself ‘Internet savvy’ and is passionate about technology. He learns new things everyday and shares his knowledge through social media. Sagar believes in spreading happiness and, actively, takes part in community work and events. And, music is what keeps him going. Sagar is passionate about music too, and keeps humming his favorite tunes all the time.

Being a Rapidite

Team Picture

Over the past 5 years, Sagar has learnt a lot from his colleagues, managers and teammates. His communication skills have improved immensely and he has learnt how to deal with a difficult situation in a calm way. Sagar has evolved to be a good listener, and he says it is an important skill to have. His ‘never give up’ attitude is something, which many can learn from him. Prioritizing is something which he claims to have learnt while working at RapidValue, and, which has helped him in managing time and tasks, effectively. Sagar has improved his team management skills by participating in events and have been assigned with various responsibilities with regards to cultural, sporting events and festivals. The socialization has helped him to become a ‘go-getter’.

RapidValue – The Right Place

Sagar feels RapidValue is just the right place to be. He has evolved as a human being and a developer. The work culture, he feels, is flexible which allows him to maintain a work-life balance. The spirit and bonding at RapidValue has helped him to improve his work. His team has grown from being a small one and Sagar thinks that he is blessed to have a group of talented mentors and managers. Almost 10 students from his class joined RapidValue as freshers. Sagar values the fact that the RapidValue’s management team has kept the faith in them and they were able to deliver, as per the expectation. Apart from the professional growth at RapidValue, the level of appreciation that the employees receive is tremendous. Initiative like ‘HappyHands’ and instances of team bonding like the ‘Gems’ team, motivate and inspire you.

A Great Experience – The Joy Ride

Pete Sampras

“It was an experience of a lifetime to meet my all time hero, Pete Sampras, and get photographed with him, during my onsite assignment.  This, surely,  would not have been possible without RapidValue” says Sagar

RapidValue has helped him in evolving as a developer and, as well, as a human being. Sagar wishes to prosper and grow at RapidValue, with each passing day.


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