Life is about ‘Developing’- Sneak Peak into Ramesh’s Life

Ramesh Lamani, is a native of Ranibennur, a place in North Karnataka. He stays with his family in Bangalore. A senior software engineer and a HTML5 expert at RapidValue, Ramesh is currently working on a project in education space.

Ramesh enjoys spending time with his family. He likes movies and is passionate about music. During leisure time, he loves to watch movies and surf the Internet. Ramesh spends a lot of his free time with his close friends.

Employee Spotlight - ramesh

Learning to Grow at RapidValue

Ramesh joined RapidValue at the very beginning of his career. He has been learning all the latest technologies, starting from Javascript to AngularJS. The wealth of knowledge has been helping him to improve his skills. Gaining more knowledge about the new technologies is always an advantage. This has helped Ramesh, according to him, to take responsibilities and complete assignments with deadlines.

“My confidence level has gone up while working at RapidValue. When it comes to dealing with a new technology, I am pretty confident to explore new avenues. As I am gaining experience, I am getting more acquainted with the coding standards and my problem solving skills are improving. I am able to dedicate more time to research and development work, now. My skills, when it comes to Team Management, have also improved significantly. I am given many opportunities to interact with the client, directly. It is a great learning experience at RapidValue and I have immense support from Prashob Sivdasan, Abhijith RC and Rinish KN, with whom I have been working on various projects.”says Ramesh

Fond Memories at RapidValue

Employee Spotlight - ramesh

According to Ramesh, the best thing at RapidValue is the work environment. He feels the organization takes care of its employees well. His teammates, are supportive and superiors are encouraging.

As we try to remain updated on the latest technologies, we put in much effort in our endeavors. We are learning something new, each and every day. The frequent training sessions, on new technologies, help to grow in both ways, professionally and personally.

Rapidites are pretty much enthusiastic about extra-curricular activities, as well. Groups like HappyHands (CSR team) and Sambhrama (cultural committee) actively participate in social responsibilities and conduct fun activities, respectively.

“Choosing RapidValue has been one of the best decisions that I have taken till now. I wish to enhance my skills by acquiring rich experience, as a Rapidite!” – Ramesh Lamani


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