Meet & Greet the Client – A Seminar by Joseph Kuriakose

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We gained good knowledge regarding client interactions, in the month of December, 2014. All thanks to Joseph, who took the initiative to present a seminar session on client communication. As professionals, we  need  this kind of innovative and enthusiastic sessions. All of us got a chance to learn how to face clients, from the initial  stages.  The session helped us to obtain more knowledge, with regards to  Project Kick off call, requirement gathering, email communication and  provided valuable insights.” –  Rony Anand

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It was a remarkable seminar session. Joseph did an extra-ordinary job by sharing his thoughts and concepts during  the  session. Apart from technical and creative sessions, he came up with a superb idea to help us boost our confidence while speaking with clients. The mockup calls and discussions gave a ‘live’ atmosphere and were helpful for all of us. Hari’s enactment, as a client, was very good and I would like to appreciate him, too, for his great support.” – Saranya Remanan

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“This was an outstanding workshop. Joseph arranged a well-structured seminar and provided lots of useful tips on how to communicate with the clients, efficiently. His seminar provokes the participants to start exploring and thinking, in meticulous  detail. Overall, it was an awesome experience for me and I congratulate Joseph for having chosen this topic.” – Rahul KP

Joseph Kuriakose

“I gained good experience from Joseph’s sessions, which was a month long seminar. It was entirely different from other seminars. He succeeded in his attempt to provide us with a great deal of practical knowledge on how we can perform better, while dealing with  client calls, and email communication. All of his sessions were very well planned. Joseph had put his best efforts and prepared well. I would like to appreciate his initiative in sharing a great deal of knowledge.”  – Jibin Joseph

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“It was a valuable experience for me. Joseph had chosen an important subject for  the seminar. Each of the sessions  was carried out to give the feeling of a ‘live’ environment where the  actual client communication process takes place. I think this type of session will help us to improve a lot and do well in our professional career. He tried to involve everyone and make all of us participate in the sessions. Also, I would like to thank Hari for supporting Joseph to help with his sessions, which was a big success.”  – Anugeeth TS

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“Joseph’s seminar was quite informative and the topic was  brilliant. We have learnt the importance of planning, before attending the client call, and got a lot of tips on how to convince  the client, by speaking about our ideas. Hari, who acted as  a client, did a great job. This seminar helped me to sharpen my communication skills and taught me how to handle difficult situations while taking the client calls.” -Sugisha Sugumaran

RapidValue designers

Joseph’s seminar was very useful and informative. The subject he chose was important  and a useful one.  During the  month, he guided us through the  whole process of client interactions. The sessions were quite helpful  for all of us. We got to know a lot more about client interactions and several other work processes, which are required to deliver quality performance. The seminar helped me to learn some  tips and tricks for communicating well with the clients.”  – Amal P Tomy

Frontend designers

Joseph didn’t speak much, like everybody else did. In spite of it, he was able to bring out  the speaker in you  and hit the right track. It was a clear, factual analysis of how a client call should be done. The mock calls, which included everybody, were the major highlighting feature of the sessions. Both the style and the substance of his seminar sessions were brilliant!” – Mathukutty Xavier

Rony & Alen at RapidValue

 “Joseph’s seminar was very good. This seminar was pretty valuable for all of us and it will help us to improve the way we communicate with our clients. The best part of the seminar sessions was the feedback received from each member. All of us  shared our thoughts and opinions. I appreciate Joseph for his sincere efforts.” – Nithin Joseph

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