Life’s Like That!!! Mathews Speaks about his Life and Work

Driving as a passion

Mathews hails from Kerala and pursued his education (high school and graduation) from Kerala. He has been living in Bangalore for the last 12 years. Since, his parents are very open and supportive, , he was able to study variety of courses, including Master in Tourism Studies and have an unconventional job in the field of Immigration. Mathews has, also, completed his Masters in Business Administration (Marketing) and IATA, a course related to travel & tourism.

Hobbies and Favorite Pastime
Mathews is passionate about travel and driving. He was fortunate to travel and visit most parts of India during his Master’s program and enjoyed several short and long drives across India. Mathews is also, passionate about sports and follows soccer. He believes in being fit and hits the gym, regularly, as he is a fitness enthusiast. Mathews practices table tennis and likes swimming. This works as a stress-buster and is his favorite past-time. Occasionally, he likes to go on treks and explore other adventure activities. For Mathews, life is all about the experiences that you earn from the places you visit and communities you interact with.

Adventurous sports

Being a Proud Rapidite – Maintaining Work-Life Balance
As Global Immigration Manager at RapidValue, Mathews manages all the global mobility requirements and ensures Immigration compliance of RapidValue. He has been with RapidValue for couple of years now, and brings with him more than eight years of professional experience, with different companies, in the field of travel and immigration. Flat, open and creative work culture makes RapidValue a unique place to work. Mathews rates RapidValue as the best workplace, by far, among all the other companies in which he has worked in the past. He believes that it is important to have a good work-life balance and RapidValue offers better solutions for maintaining that.

Living Life

Mathews calls himself a travel enthusiast and has a special liking for subjects like arts and history. He follows all kinds of media to gain more knowledge about literature and the above mentioned subjects. He loves to be in the company of kids and babies as he believes that it is a great stress busters and one of the most fun activities in life.


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    Wow! It was nice to get to know more about you, Mathews! Congrats!

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