‘Innovate’ and ‘Design’…All the Way with Melvin Thambi


Melvin Thambi, the design master, is regarded as a great asset to the company. Melvin joined RapidValue, Kochi, as a designer and with his experience and diligence, he has been able to establish himself as a successful senior designer and team leader. Today, he is designated as the Lead Architect of the UI/UX team at Kochi and handles a big team, independently. He was adjudged the Best Employee of 2013 and he bagged the Best Marketer of the Year (joint) award in the year 2014.

Melvin Thambi - Best Marketer Award


A Real Team Player

Melvin’s passion for creativity is quite evident in his art and designs. Though most of the time works keeps him occupied, Melvin makes it a point to bond well with his team. The design team at RapidValue, Kochi, is known as ‘Gems’, a name which reveals that the team is full of enthusiastic designers who possess a special quality like a ‘gem’.

Gems Team - RapidValue
He is considered to be an inspiration for the team as he is, always, with them, during high and low tides. Melvin dedicates a lot of time to his team, hence, holds a special place in their hearts.

Melvin Likes….
Melvin likes to spend quality time with his family and friends. He likes travelling, along with his wife and daughter. Whenever he gets the time and scope, he likes to enjoy with them on weekend getaways or short trips. He likes and takes much interest in photography, too. During his leisure time, Melvin, mostly, remains engrossed in polishing his sketching skills. Melvin is known to encourage his team, as well as his wife, to pursue their dreams and helps them to excel in their respective field of work. His talent lies, not only, in his creative work but, also, in instilling the faith in others, so that they believe in their dreams. Melvin’s love for art and design drives him to innovate and create.



The Journey at RapidValue… As Melvin Leads ‘Gems’

Melvin’s team, Gems, has grown from being a two member team to over eighteen member team and, that too, in a short span of two years. The Gems team members, at Kochi, include UX designers and Front-end developers, who are committed to a certain task – creating outstanding UI for mobile/ web applications. One of Melvin’s biggest strength is to portray the art and design work to the audience and communicate it, effectively. The amazing work, that the Gems team creates, is showcased in a lively manner so that it gets its true worth.

Melvin has deep passion and dedication to build the brand of RapidValue. And, works closely with Marketing and HR team to provide all the support.

Design team at RapidValue
Melvin has conducted many Design Seminars, which has helped, immensely, in the bonding of the team. This has helped the team, at Kochi, to communicate well and, also, enhance their communication skills. Internal seminars take place at the Kochi office, every now and then, which help the employees to connect well. Melvin is also geared to conduct external event, FYI, a collective endeavor of the talented designers of the Gems team. This amazing initiative, is an Art Exhibition, which is, primarily, meant to showcase the artistic talent of the techies, who are working at the Kochi (Infopark) office.

Design Logo at RapidValue

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