‘Happy Hands’ Promises to Spread a Smile

Happy Hands_Social Service Group from RapidValue

The main goal of social work is to improve the well-being of individuals and communities. You have an opportunity to know people around you, understand their woes, and help them, whenever it is possible. At RapidValue, we feel a strong personal, emotional, and moral dedication towards helping those in need and strive to ensure the equal treatment of people across the socio-economic strata.

RapidValue is introducing a new organizational initiative named ‘Happy Hands’. The purpose of this initiative is to conduct ‘social service programs’ every quarter. This includes visits to orphanages, underprivileged children, old age homes, helping people who are in need of money or conducting a social service, including the Rapidites.

RapidValue’s new, young and dynamic team is called ‘Happy Hands’, which has been formed to take up the social responsibility and work towards the noble cause. The young team has some dedicated members, who are pretty enthusiastic, and are quite excited about their new role. ‘Happy Hands’ is, always, happy to help. The young team makes sure that they are able to render any kind of service that proves to be helpful for the society and its people.

Our endeavors seek to improve the quality of life of the downtrodden and our efforts are directed towards working for the well-being of individuals, families, children, groups, and communities. ‘Happy Hands’ strives to work primarily for the benefit of those who are affected by social disadvantages – poverty, mental or physical illness, mental or physical disability, and social injustice. We try to help those who are denied their civil liberties and human rights. ‘Happy Hands’ is dedicated to the pursuit of social justice and the well-being of the oppressed people. We strongly believe in providing the marginalized individuals and communities, a good life.

Meet our volunteers Arun KA, Sulabh, Rino, Anugeeth, Nithin Joseph, Saranya, Ajeesh, Bareera, Melvin, Kavyanidhi, Sminu Joseph, Anish Michael, Lekshmi Raj, Shinu Mohan, Baburaj, Sariga, Manjulekha, Jacob, Najeeb, Rohit, Adarsh, Vivek, Nanditha, Bibin T, Deepak Unnikrishnan, Harish Iyer, Sujith P Jose and Anjali Raveendran.

(Volunteers names are not in sequence as seen in the picture)

Happy Hands Group by RapidValue


Nairita Goswami

Marketing Communications



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