Fun @ Work – Seminar by Nithin Joseph

Nithin Joseph at RapidValue

“It was an outstanding experience for all of us. We, all, were eagerly waiting for the seminar session. All of us have actively participated in the seminar and contributed well, by presenting different ideas. Nithin has proved himself to be a great creator and a perfect organizer. We are looking forward to more creative sessions from him. His efforts are commendable and appreciated by one and all.”- Rony Anand

“The seminar was full of fun and we gathered knowledge about many informative subjects. Nithin’s style of interaction, with us, was one of a kind. This experience was something which I will cherish always, as it was something new to me. Each day, he brought something new to us. We could see the challenge that lies in the creative and innovative tasks. Short skits, magazine cover design, short film making, unusual animations are some of my favorites.”- Jijo Joseph

Gems at RapidValue

“The seminar was completely dedicated to ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ concepts and was really a refreshing experience for people like us, who spend most of our time handling new generation gadgets. It took us back to our good old childhood days when there was no restriction on thinking and we could come up with any idea. This seminar facilitated innovative ideas and we could step out of the daily routine for some time. Nithin has managed to bring out the best in his colleagues.”- Joseph Kuriakose

Designers at RapidValue

“The seminar was outstanding. First of all, Nithin introduced a very creative team system which helped us to improve our team spirit. I was thrilled from the first day itself, and was eager to know what is going to happen on the next day. Sometimes, I could recall my childhood days. It was an excellent workshop to improve the confidence level. In a nutshell, it was an inspiring seminar!” – Sugisha Sukumaran

“No words to explain the splendid performance by Nithin during the seminar sessions. It was a break from the usual seminar sessions and more like an art camp. We were able to polish our skills, , which generally, do not get nurtured easily. He handled everything smoothly and succeeded in making the session an effective and interesting one. To sum it up, it was an excellent seminar and we expect more like this in near future.” – Rahul K P

Designers at RapidValue
“We enjoyed this interesting seminar as it was a deviation, for us, , from the usual technical sessions. We got a wonderful opportunity to be more creative. Designers, always, like to explore creativity, Nithin took that opportunity in order to improve our creative imagination and skills. . The session was a blend of creativity, fun and talent. . Now, we are more eager to develop new ideas, solve problems and more active to come up with innovations. We have learnt to manage and complete tasks within a stipulated date and schedule, and contribute maximum creativity to the work. I am really thankful to Nithin for such a nice seminar.” – Saranya Remanan

“I am not being able to compare Nithin’s sessions with the other Seminars, because, technically speaking, his seminars weren’t actually seminars, but spectacular interactive sessions and interesting presentations. . Right from the beginning of the session, we were engrossed in the topics that were conveyed to us. Nobody wanted to miss even one session. In the end what really matters is what we gained. He was able to help us learn a lot, and boredom was nowhere to be found.”- Hari Krishnan

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