Engineering Team Meet-Up, June 2014

Every quarter in RapidValue, the engineering team meet up and conduct a series of sessions on our successful projects and the key wins of past quarter. We invite a guest speaker to elate our Engineering team and conclude with a fun but informative event.This meet up is a well-planned and organized event which is organized by Sminu Joseph & Vishnu Pradeep, and mentored by Arun Krishna. We plan it as follows:

  1. Fix a date and venue
  2. List down the sessions/events
  3. Identify:
  • Guest speaker
  • Presenters
  • Host and volunteers
  • Awards and refreshments

4. Promoting and sending the Invite

Fixing a Date and Venue – We plan a date and time which is convenient for the engineering team, ensuring there is no overlap with their other schedules.

Sessions/Events list down – We select interesting topics for the sessions to keep audience engaged. Every quarter the session begins with a walkthrough of the past quarter, key wins and what engineering team would expect for the next quarter. This is followed by presentations on best practices from successful projects and upcoming technologies. We end the session with fun activities and informative session.

Guest Speaker for the event

Every Quarter, the planning team brainstorms and identifies a guest speaker who could share knowledge to the engineers. The speaker is chosen from IT industry, who can influence and energize our team.

Presenters for the sessions

Once the topics are finalized, we identify presenters for each session.

Hosts and Volunteers

During our planning meeting, various ideas are discussed and enthusiastic volunteer group to host the event is formed.

Awards and Refreshments

Volunteers decide the awards for the winners and runners up for the entertainment event. They also procure the refreshments for the Engineering meet.

Promotion and Invitation                           

A formal email invitation is sent out to the team.

Engineering meet at RapidValue-Agenda

Now that the plan is listed down, let’s all see how we executed this quarter’s RapidValue Engineering Meet  held on 24, June 2014 at Tejomaya Hall.

Our guest speaker was welcomed by Aswathy R Nair and Mary Geethu.


Rohit and Taniya, the hosts welcomed the engineering team for this quarter’s Engineering Meet.

Our Guest Speaker, Mr. Ullas Ponnadi, Director and CTO, CREATNLRN spoke on his experience working in different companies, processes and standards in MNC and how processes can be implemented in startups too. Sminu Joseph gave a memento as token of appreciation to our guest speaker.

Ullas Ponnadi

The Quarter 2 update was shared with the engineering team by Raji MA, Project Manager, RapidValue.

Raji from RapidValue

Our next session was a technical presentation by Jacob Davis on Test Driven Development which was quite engaging.

Jacob Davis

Paul Joseph presented on implementation of ‘Sales process’ before initiating a project.

Paul Joseph at RapidValue

Prashob S presented on ‘Salesforce capabilities at RapidValue’. Abhilash Aravind was awarded as the “Innovative App Champion” at RapidValue.


The final event was “BeQuizzed”, the fun entertainment session in the engineering meet which is conducted by Sudeep U and me.


Bequizzed winners (Prashob S and Dheeraj) and Runners up (Pooja Prasad and Neethu)

Sminu and I concluded the event with a ‘Thank You’ note.

Engineering team
From top left –> Antajo Paulson, Aswathy R, Marygeethu, Taniya J, Anish M
From left sitting down –> Sujith P Jose, Vinay J, Rohit M, Vishnu Pradeep, Arun Krishna, Sminu Joseph, Sudeep Unnikrishnan, Cino Itteera


Vishnu Pradeep

Sr. Software Engineer, RapidValue



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