Employee Engagement in the Time of Corona

While a lot of people enjoy working from home and find it comfortable, studies suggest that lack of social interaction seems to be taking a toll on the mental health of remote workers. Furthermore, employee engagement is not as easy as it used to be with the employees scattered across different locations. However, technology has been playing a pivotal role in connecting people, and leveraging the same, RapidValue has enabled effective employee engagement. 

Virtual Unite Meetups 

Virtual meetings are conducted bi-weekly, where all associates come together to connect and share updates across portfolios. These meetings enable associates to stay in touch with the recent happenings in the organization from their homes. Not just updates, the associates use the virtual unite meetups as a platform for sharing their experiences of working from home. Furthermore, the associates indulge in fun banter, take part in contests such as the virtual treasure hunt organized by the HR team during these hour-long meetups.

Rap N Kooth

Rap N Kooth, RapidValue’s band group, engage the associates through their virtual performances. It is not just the band members who participate, but also other associates who are interested in performing. Held every month, these performances are aimed at helping the associates to unwind and relax from their daily work. 

Portfolio Level Engagement

Other than the organizational level virtual meetups, the different portfolios of RapidValue host independent meetings for the team members to connect with each other. From celebrating world environment day to recreating tik tok challenges and compiling fun photo collages, the teams come up with creative ways to keep themselves entertained. 

As an employee-focused organization, RapidValue focuses on ensuring that the associates find the work culture to be comfortable and healthy. Guaranteeing that the employee engagement activities are not affected by the nationwide lockdown is an attempt to ensure the same. The regular tea breaks during the office times are now replaced with virtual meetups from within the safety of our homes. These employee engagement strategies have helped us to bring together more than 300 employees, defeating the physical distance between them. Though the pandemic has been proving to be a challenge for everyone around the globe, it has also helped our organization to push our limits and to learn and adapt to the situation.


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