Design Seminar @ RapidValue

Design Seminar by Prasil Lakshmanan
Design Seminar at RapidValue

Tips and Tricks on design skills. And on cross-functional team interactions, team bonding, communication and presentations.

RapidValue Design team

Over all feedback from the team members

“Prasil’s seminar was interesting and over-whelming. To be precise, the seminar was quite ‘informal’. I would like to add an extra line to emphasize the word ‘informal’, because, people generally, accept and understand messages easily, if they are conveyed in an ‘informal’ manner.I can, still, recollect a lot of information that Prasil shared with us with a smiling face. His slides were neat and contained only the relevant data. Keep up with the good work, Prasil.” – Mathukutty Xavier

“We had a good number of sessions on different topics last month, which were taken by Prasil. The highlight was the endeavor of Prasil. He took a lot of effort in converting the negative points to positive ones. The feedback given to him by the team was accepted by him in a sporting way. He listened to each and every point and we are sure he will seriously work on them. The seminar was on a variety of topics and all were interesting. He interacted well with the audience during the sessions and took initiative to include all the members in the discussions.Prasil explored topics like History of Typography and the slides that were prepared for the presentation were concise, clear and pretty interesting.” – Joseph Kuriakose

“His seminar proved to be a different experience for me. I was very excited to see his presentation skills which he showcased throughout the session. He has always been calm and cool. He came out with different kind of topics like ’Business in design’, ‘Calligraphy’ etc. All of them are very relevant topics with regards to our professional needs c. It was a great learning experience for me. Let me summarize it in a nut-shell – colorful and creative slides, inspiring attitude, imparting of knowledge, effective interaction with the audience.” – Rony Anand

“Excellent seminar! The seminar presented a wealth of knowledge to us. It was provided in an easy manner with the help of great slides. I appreciate Prasil’s diverse knowledge about the varied number of topics. He was able to answer all types of questions raised during the seminar. It acted as a great reminder to me as I realized the value of reading, again. I was not aware of these topics. Excellent job, Prasil!” – Sugisha Sukumaran

“Prasil’s seminars were definitely one of a kind. The energy and the enthusiasm he possesses is unmatched. This reflected in his presentations. Everything, from the slides to the interactions, was just amazing. I was looking forward to this session. Eagerly waiting to see l what he’ll come up with next.” – Hari Krishnan

“The most scoring part of Prasil’s seminar is his topic selection. He chooses the best and the most interesting topics for each session. He draws full attention of each and every individual who are attending the seminar and makes the session lively. He knows the tips and tricks to make the audience attentive. The next good thing was the well prepared slides and subject materials. The well designed presentation slides made the session more interesting.” – Anup M

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