Christmas 2010

At RapidValue we will never let you forget your birthday, even if you want to! Rapidites’ birthdays are tracked and reminded with ‘project management’ precision and we will never stop until we get a treat from you. So when it was time to celebrate the KING’s birthday, no wonder we went all the way to make it a grand affair. The whole office was transformed in to one big party hall overnight, thanks to our enthusiastic, energetic rapidites. Streamers, stars and balloons were hung from every part of the ceiling. The Christmas tree was put up, complete with decorations and wrapped gifts. Christmas friends were chosen and many could be seen scratching their heads wondering what to gift their ‘Christmas child.’ Meanwhile Sagar and Shwetha were busy organizing the Christmas party.

On the day of the party gifts were exchanged. There were some hilarious, when Vikas thought his gift was a bottle of champagne, when actually it was just black coffee in a champagne bottle! By evening the office was closed at 5:30 (gasp!) and all of us headed to Park Residency. The chief guest for the day was none other than Christmas Papa who was brought in, in style by a group singing carols. (Thanks Bittu for playing along). Prajeesh volunteered to sing an old Hindi melody and Sreeni’s ‘silsila’ song had us in splits. Rajesh, Sagar, Jayahari, Vikas and Sudeep team impressed us with their cool dance moves and at the end of it almost everyone was on the floor dancing along. In between, Shwetha and Sagar kept the audience entertained with many games like breaking the balloons and Chinese whisper. Several ‘awards’ were also distributed. Then came the topping on the cake: a skit written, directed and enacted by rapidites. Each dialogue was welcomed with thunderous applause and roaring laughter. JK,Arun, KK, Jayahari, Prasad, Rajeev,and Lijo team gave us some memorable dialogues and scenes. The night ended with a sumptuous dinner.

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