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Signora Commit Session

The Signora Comit organized a one-hour session for all lady associates as part of the Women’s Day Celebration. The session was on women empowerment and work-life balance.


Session on Work Life Balance for Women

We take great pride in stating that more than 35% of our workforce comprises of women. We understand that finding the right work-life balance is a very crucial challenge for working women. With this in mind, we organized a session at our Kochi office where, Nandita Menon, Managing Consultant for Digital Business Consulting, shared her tips and tricks on how to manage and balance your work and life beyond work. Here are some snapshots from the session.


Work Etiquette Session at Kochi

Whether we are starting our first job as a fresher or have many years of professional experience, how we present ourselves to others in the workplace matters. Setting a professional tone at the workplace is crucial to building relationships with colleagues and ensuring a positive and successful experience in the workplace.


Influence Program in Kochi

We have kick started our award winning learning & development program called Influence in Kochi. The program will be conducted for every portfolio, one portfolio at a time.


Influence – Peer networking Program

As a part of our peer networking program, Influence, we had an insightful session taken by one of our software architects Shahjahan Tapadar on Serverless Computing. Here are a few snaps from the session.


Session on Importance of Requirements Understanding

How many times have you found yourself trying to understand your clients and get into their heads? At RapidValue, it probably happens every single day.
Here is a session conducted by Sheetal H Harsha, Project Account Manager on how to better understand and document client requirements.

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Influence – Peer Networking

Learning & Development plays a critical role in an organization’s growth and what’s better than learning from your peers. RapidValue launched peer networking program, Influence, to encourage peer learning.