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Today morning, at 9 am, I gave some clay to the convened teammates and asked them to make something interesting with the clay. Something that depicts a story after the completion of the task. Now, to have a concrete picture of what happened to the competition, let me take all of you through this doodling competition which is, actually, conducted for kids aged 7 or less. What do you observe? You see them talking, coloring, making corrections, looking at each other’s paper, walking around, complaining, and clarifying doubts. This is, exactly, what happened yesterday. All of us were making noise in the hall and some were looking up in Google for reference, but that isn’t the point here. The fun happened to be that all of us were doing something that we enjoyed whole heartedly, and a sense of bonding was there.

Yesterday, on the first day of my sessions, I had divided the group into two teams. This facilitated bonding and teamwork, along with some fun times. The time allotted got over at 9:40 am. Clay Modeling turned out to be a great fun game. There were dinosaurs, trees, elephants, a tortoise, a green-man (superhero) and many more models. Preparing models was not the only thing that was done. There had to be a story about the model which needed to be narrated on the stage. This was even more interesting. A superhero, drawn on a piece of paper, needs a story, so does a tortoise and a tree.

I believe, there is a storyteller in everyone. Ever tried telling a story to a huge audience? It’s an amazing experience. You might have to be a storyteller in the future. It was a spectacular experience in watching everyone delivering their stories. Some had unhappy endings, some were love stories, some were silly and some were even funny.

As a designer, I am often asked to deliver my thoughts and ideas on a design, or to convey the concepts. Many a times, we, also, have to come up with a good explanation and convince a client by narrating some brilliant piece of story. Sometimes, only working on something doesn’t fetch any appreciation. You might have to provide a convincing explanation to get it approved.

By 10 am, everyone completed the narration of their stories, and we had tiny, little toy-like colorful clay models with in front of us.

I only have one thing to say to all of you- Try to bring out the child in you. Do everything that makes you happy. Enjoy being a kid, every now and then.

And to conclude, as Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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