Being a Rapidite…Makes me Proud

“You don’t always get what you wish for, but you get what you work for.” – Anonymous

Commencement of the Journey

August , 2014 is when I joined RapidValue. Yes, time flies. It’s more than 7 months now and it feels as if it was just yesterday that I crossed the threshold of RapidValue’s Bangalore office. A new city, a new surrounding, new people- everything was new for me as I moved to Bangalore. The change, from a secluded place, like Akure in Nigeria, to Bangalore, was a welcoming change for me. Just when I was getting anxious, as to when I will be able to grab a good opportunity, RapidValue seemed to happen to me. Being into communications, since I started my career (or even before that – I was into communications and writing since I commenced my college days), I was eager to take up a profile which would have the communications aspect, entirely or majorly. I did not think twice when I was offered the Marcom profile at RapidValue – this was exactly that I wanted. At RapidValue, it has been a joy-ride so far – and not a roller-coaster one :-). I’m sure I will make much more cherished memories, here.

The Blend of Work, Learning and Fun


It is pretty much essential to love your work. Similarly, I believe that there should be some element of fun, which should be there at your workplace. RapidValue celebrates the event called ‘Life’. Be it Holi (festival of colors), Diwali (festival of lights), Christmas or birthdays, Rapidites make it a point to celebrate with each other and spread happiness. Being closely-knit, all the employees enjoy interacting with one another. All the teams, at RapidValue, represent harmony and solidarity, which is, actually, not very common, nowadays. This, probably, helps you to socialize more with people and the communication strengthens. For me, a good work-environment is a pre-requisite to good performance. I have, always, been of the opinion that in order to grow in your professional life, you have to love your work and you can love your work, only, when you are working with good people, which, further, facilitates a healthy working environment, helping in your learning process.

Teamwork, at its best!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

Marketing team at RapidValue

To prosper and grow, teamwork becomes an integral part of any work. The Marketing teammates, Kavya and Shuvro, have been supportive and that leverages the level of confidence in me, while delivering work, and I am confident that this immense support will, also, help me to perform efficiently. As a new joiner, I had to gather much knowledge, information and facts about the company and the profile, too. Their support has been commendable and is worth mentioning. Kavya, being the Marketing Head, is always approachable and ‘all ears’ when the need arises. This is one reason why I do not hesitate to approach her on any matter. Shuvro, apart from being helpful, is fun to work with, as both of us are like-minded people. I feel lucky to be the part of a great team. And we are able to achieve much more, working with our extended Marketing team members, Melvin (UX/UI team head), Sugisha (Front-end developer) and Jibin (UX designer). They give the right light and colors to our team.

As I Learn and Grow at Work 

It has been an enjoyable ride, so far. And I am sure to achieve a lot more, with each passing day. There is no limit to acquiring knowledge – the well of knowledge is way too deep, we have to delve deeper and deeper to gain more knowledge.

As I treasure the challenging opportunities provided to me at work , I’d like to thank my seniors and colleagues, who have been rendering their support, for making this journey, wonderful.

Proud to be a Rapidite!

Nairita Goswami,

Marketing Communications, RapidValue



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