An Outing in the Drizzle

View from the game room

With upcoming releases and deadlines looming ahead, an idea of unwind splurged in our minds – call it the quarterly team lunch, but there needed an element of spark to enliven the spirits of our innovative minds of our team (handling one of the largest customer). Thanks to a sporty Sujith and a cheerful Bareera, we took off to a resort, PJ Princess, situated in the pristine Vypin Islands in Kochi. The army of 22 enthusiasts charioted by ambitious Binil, Bittu, Elbin, Jojo and Anoop reached the venue around 1:30, in time to satiate the alarms of our stomach.

As the events unfold

A sumptuous meal was followed by an ice breaker at the conference room, where everyone was provided an impromptu topic to present! Some of us danced to the tunes of popular bollywood numbers whereas the others were put through the ordeal of a role-play. With roaring laughter to supplement each item, everyone cheered away for a while when the rains rumbled. It was time for indoor games and taking a stab at table tennis, carrom and chess, all of us could watch the rains patter away at the surroundings.

The winner emerges

Soups and Salads

Twist at the Table Tennis

The Treasure Hunted

Before the journey back

Though with the scare of rain dampening our merry, Bittu and Arun KP stumbled on a well executed plan of treasure hunt – racing across the corridors and hallways and in the slight drizzle, the entire crew joined the hunt with Abhilash’s team winning the gold! A final lap of pedal boats in the lake marked the end of an outing with a yearning for more.

Arun Krishna, Project Manager, RapidValue Solutions

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