Air Brush – Touch Technology on the Gesture

Touch technology is everything we see around us in this current rising era. Touch-screen technology has found use in devices ranging from mobile phones to supermarket checkouts. While implementing a touch screen may involve additional expenses above other methods of input, it can offer some significant advantages. 10years back the idea of touch screens was just a mere imagination whereas now it is the touch technology that rules our generation.
Our current ideas can turn into inevitable products and can versatile the way our future looks. What we think as impossible today may be the source of 100 million other ideas down the lane.

Air Brush is one such kind of product that can replace the digital drawing concept in future. We can evolve into a generation that merely with the use of simple hand gesture can get work done. Higher efficiency, user friendliness and better performance are some get backs from this rising technology. Today, customers sitting at home can make an official legal signature of theirs by just a wave of their hand. It is completely based on Javascript with no browser plugins needed. There is no need of sensors too thus making it highly cost effective. This technology has bought an immense change in applications like gaming, educational application, online coloring applications etc. Very soon this will be the new in thing.

Air Gesture

Air Brush Team (Sujith KS,  Marjana Mubarack, Sugisha Sukumaran, Varun M Thomas, Asha K) demonstrating the solution to the judges.

Techathon a hackathon which was hosted by RapidValue was a great opportunity I got to come up with an innovative idea and work together as a team to develop a unique solution. It was a wonderful experience for me, to think in different ways combined with team’s ideas to built an effective and creative solution. I gain lot of technical knowledge from this event and also learnt the art of togetherness, sharing, team spirit, time management. I surely had a lot of fun. One’s mind and thinking is unique and beautiful in its own way. When you put different such minds together, you come out with something as innovative as Air Brush”.

– Varun M Thomas, Software Engineer – Intern, RapidValue

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