Monthly Archive: April 2019


Session on Importance of Requirements Understanding

How many times have you found yourself trying to understand your clients and get into their heads? At RapidValue, it probably happens every single day.
Here is a session conducted by Sheetal H Harsha, Project Account Manager on how to better understand and document client requirements.


Completing 5 years in RapidValue

There are some magical numbers in life to remember and completing 5 years in an organization is indeed a milestone to achieve. Check out what rapidites have to say on completing 5 years at RapidValue.


Vishu 2019

Vishu marks the new year in the state of Kerala in India. RapidValue Kochi celebrates it with a lot of excitement and fanfare. We wish all the fantastic people of Kerala a prosperous and successful new year.


Dockers Training

We conducted a training session on Dockers at our Kochi office. The session covered the basics of dockers, the architecture involved and its various components followed by a demo on creating an image using Dockerfile.

RapidValue influence 0

Influence – Peer Networking

Learning & Development plays a critical role in an organization’s growth and what’s better than learning from your peers. RapidValue launched peer networking program, Influence, to encourage peer learning.