200 Days of RapidValue…

And looking forward to many more…

Well, the title is inspired from a movie, which is obviously because I am a movie buff.  My colleagues are well aware of it, by now.   Though this has nothing to do with any movie, I wish to pen down my experience at RapidValue, by far.  I joined RapidValue, as a UI/UX Designer, in May 2014. Prior to this, I was working in an IT firm at Chembumukku, Cochin. My career as a designer started with that company and I am grateful to my previous company for giving me this opportunity. It helped me, immensely, to show my skills and expertise in the particular field.  I liked it there – the work environment, my colleagues, the culture, everything. After a while, I realized that there is a lot more to designing. Meticulous research about design processes, with the help of the internet, made me look out for better opportunities. I wanted to obtain a position and profile which could nurture my skills and help me to grow as a designer.

Getting to Know the Team

I got to know about RapidValue from a friend. He was already working at RapidValue as a developer. The friend revealed to me that it is a team of around 10 designers, who are a close-knit family. I was elated and excited to hear that as I always wanted to work in a team and as a team.

The interview went well and I was hopeful. Soon, I got a call and joined RapidValue on the 5th of May, 2014.  It was overwhelming as I received a warm welcome by the Rapidites with a Welcome kit, which includes a file, sketchbook and chocolates. I was introduced to the design team, ‘Gems’, and became the eleventh member of the team. The first task for me was to draw an Avatar and for this task I used Adobe Illustrator, for the first time. I work with a very helpful team which assists and aids me through every step of work. I wish to mention the various techniques, taught by Anugeeth, with regards to Adobe Illustrator.

Team Work

Gems team at RapidValue

Teamwork is something that I have learned at RapidValue. I am lucky to get such an enthusiastic and agile team. Hence, challenges are easier to face and deal with. It is not only designing that I have learnt here, I have also learned teamwork, to manage teams, and co-ordination with other departments. First and foremost, I would like to mention about our lead and mentor, Melvin Thambi. Melvin is a very helpful person and the best leader that I could have got. He always encourages and inspires you to give your best. It was a bit difficult for me to learn time management and task management within a fortnight. Gradually, I learnt how to tackle situations, work with deadlines and adopted new methods, as time progressed here, at RapidValue. My experienced teammates, Rony, Sujith, Anup and Anugeeth helped me in the process of my betterment. All my teammates have helped me in one way or the other, and the team has strengthened. There has been a rapid growth and we are 19 members now. The brainstorming sessions, webinars, group discussions- all these keep us updated about new techniques and help in obtaining valuable knowledge about designing. The work culture has helped me to improve my skills and performance, immensely.

Seminars, Workshops and Events

Prasil Lakshmanan in Gems team

One of the most important days of my professional life was when I was chosen to take seminars in the month of August. It was a wonderful experience. For two months, I conducted seminars on various topics, related to design. I could work on my presentation and communication skills and improve them. The monthly ‘Pakalpooram’ is another fun event which takes place on the last Thursday of every month. This is when we get to engage ourselves into fun events and activities.   It was a pleasant surprise for me when Melvin asked me to mentor the new recruits. . This was surprising, yet challenging, because I had never considered myself to be that good at training people.  But it turned out be a great experience. I saw myself rigorously searching for topics, materials, preparing them, and writing them down. The tasks included preparing mock letters for clients/associates at work, a mock UI design review, learning and acquainting myself with new design terminologies etc. A good induction and proper presentation slides also helped me to feel accomplished.  A positive response from the new recruits, also, helped boost my confidence level. In this short time, I have had the chance to interact with different clients, and work with different teams.

Culture @ RapidValue

RapidValue is the best choice I have made in my career, till date. I can see the positive effect which has started reflecting in my work, character and attitude. RapidValue has moulded me to be an efficient and a professional UI/UX designer. I have worked in different and interesting customer projects, and creating assets for branding activities. Being a close-knit team, my teammates and colleagues have become my friends. All this inspires me to work at RapidValue and I am eager to explore new avenues, here. I wish to cherish these memories all my life.


Prasil Lakshmanan,

UX/UI Designer, RapidValue Solutions


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